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I'm engaging in this conversation because the Church has created a mass grave of guilt and shame with sex. For many, this has left them in a state of hopelessness with no tools to find hope. I hope to at least begin to bridge the vast chasm between sex and the hope of Christ. I'm not interested in defining what is acceptable or not acceptable for a Christian to do in their sex life. I'm more interested in exploring where the Good News of Christ's death and resurrection intersects with our sex and how we find new life under the sheets.


I believe this is going to come with a lot of questions.

Where have people been healed from the caring touch of a sex worker?

How have people exorcised their trauma through role play, kink, or BDSM practices?

Where are the Fruits of the Spirit growing abundantly from non-monogamous relationship structures?

I want to take my own experience, other's experiences, sex educators and experts research, and Scripture all into consideration when engaging in this conversation of sexual theology. We are on the search for where God is in our sex lives. Where is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or

self-control showing up in sex and can we become comfortable with naming these moments as

God's very presence?

Join me in uncovering God's unconditional love under all the guilt and shame bad theology has piled on.

Thank God For Sex!

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