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HEALING TOUCH: Let's Get Handsy

I don’t know about you, but I can fall victim to my own grumpiness sometimes. It can be over some pretty dumb things too. My grumps can...

LOVE FOR DUMMIES: A Samaritan Story

I wanted to take an opportunity to share my favorite story in the Bible. It’s got everything needed for a good story. It’s got drama,...

CONFESSION #1: Homophobia

Trigger Warning: Homophobic content, personal sexual experiences shared (for those of you who know me and don’t want details). This month...


When I was in middle school, my number one priority was to finally get a date. But, not for a lack of trying, I was a bit slower to the...


An exploration into the story of Jesus and the adulterous woman paired with a story of caring for a stranger's secret.

First Post

This first post is simply an introduction to who I am and what I hope The Dirty Minister to be. Thank you for reading!

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